Limited Interest

Implementing a safe transmute in TypeScript

I have been trying to make an equivalent of the Rust’s versions of safe transmute in TypeScript. A transmute in Rust reinterprets the bits of one type as another type. This is obviously an unsafe thing to do, but various tricks exist to do this within safe Rust, either through a soundness hole or by using mechanisms provided by the operating system.

Designing Puzzles in 48 Hours

The Dungeon Puzzler’s Lament is a puzzle game for the Game Boy Advance initially made in 48 hours as part of the 2023 GMTK game jam. As for all these games, the source code is available in the agb’s project repository.

Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter

Some people may be aware that I have played around with the GBA wireless adapter, indeed I’ve made one that works over the internet but unstably. The reason that I hadn’t made this post earlier is because I wanted to make it stable before releasing the code and writing it up. Alas, I haven’t had much motivation to continue, which is a shame given I got so close.

It's another Game Jam!

Hyperspace Roll is a soup of nouns (roguelike dice builder) for the Game Boy Advance. It was made because it’s Game Jam time again, the Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam specifically. This is my third game jam overall and so it’s my third Game Boy Advance game (should make games outside of Game Jams but oh well).


I’ve decided to consolidate the games I have made / been part of making to There you can find all the games I’ve uploaded there or been a part of making. In this post I’ll give the games in some detail.

Minecraft Server on SIGTERM / SIGINT

The short answer: as far as I can tell the java Minecraft server stops safely on SIGINT / SIGTERM despite not displaying the normal stop messages.

The 2021 GMTK Gamejam

Recently was the first Gamejam I participated in, the 2021 Game Maker’s Toolkit gamejam. A gamejam is where participants create a game in a short time frame. Often this time frame is a single weekend over 48 hours, and usually there is some theme to restrict the types of game to submit. These themes may be thematic or may try to dictate the mechanics of the game. The theme for this gamejam was joined together.

Optimisation of Dofus Equipment Sets

This post goes into detail on how to use an optimisation tool located at along with an explanation of how it optimises. This tool was made with my brother, you can see more by Gwilym at


In physics, the word “couple” is used frequently (in my experience) in a wide variety of situations. It’s used in any way in which things interact.

LuaTeX and Going Mad With Power

LuaTeX is a TeX engine that enables the use of Lua inside of your documents. This is something to be explored, for sure.

Noether's Theorem, As I Understand It

A simplified, but not yet simple, statement of Noether’s theorem is that for every global symmetry there is an associated conserved quantity. It is this property that I will aim to demonstrate by the use of the Lagrangian formalism of mechanics.

Timezones is a tool I made to “look” at different timezones with the tz/iana timezone codes. I created it because then I can just send a link to people to find out their timezone and to view the time where I am. Since these timezone codes track daylight savings time in a region, it will continue to work even during the confusing boundaries.

Uncertainties, As I Understand It

This will be the first in I hope a series of posts about me writing down something as I understand it. The point of this is to help me get it straight in my head, but also admit where I don’t know things. I am wrong in many regards, and these will most likely be some of the many times that I am.

A Useless Bug in a Calculator

My favourite calculator has a bug in the input display. It allows for some fun overlapping of text on the display, as well as an invisibility trick.

Minecraft Tour

A tour of the survival Minecraft server, mostly serving as a plan and script of the video tour that I plan to make. Some projects have additional images in other posts. Additionally some projects are recreations of other people’s designs, I will not cover those here.