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Minecraft Tour


A tour of the survival Minecraft server, mostly serving as a plan and script of the video tour that I plan to make. Some projects have additional images in other posts. Additionally some projects are recreations of other people’s designs, I will not cover those here.

The version of Minecraft the world is in is 1.12.

Main Island

The island where we started at we call the “Main Island”. It houses most of the smaller farms that we have. The idea of the place was to have small example farms located on the island with bigger farms located off site or underground. It is more of a showcase place with the focus being on different designs rather than normality.

The island was chosen because it’s an island and because extreme hills as an island is not that common an occurrence, in our opinion.

Map of the world as shown in the lighthouse

Map of the world as shown in the lighthouse

As you can see this is displayed in a building located on the south-west of the island. This is the lighthouse.

The lighthouse storing the map and Dolly's remains

The lighthouse storing the map and Dolly’s remains

The lighthouse was built very early on in the world, one of the first things built. It houses an old unused storage system underneath it and it also houses the beds and nether portal for the island.

I’ll summarise the rest of the builds as they are fairly simple and not too interesting.

Elsewhere in the world are more interesting builds, most of which are designed ourselves.

Mob Farm

An image taken looking at a mob farm with multiple platforms above an ocean.

Click image for more pictures of the farm

The mob farm was one of the first things built on the server, it was built before we had elytra. It was annoying to construct. The farm is simple in function, mobs are thrown off the top regularly using water, and items are flushed off the bottom and transported to storage.

There are plans to construct a more efficient mob farm as for bone meal purposes it is quite slow.

Slime Farm

Looking inside a slime farm made of slime blocks with slimes moving towards the edges due to attraction by iron golems

Click image for more pictures of the farm

The farm operates on a simple principle, slimes spawn in and try to attack iron golems. The slimes then either jump or fall onto magma blocks which kills them. Hopper minecarts run underneath and pick up the slime balls which are then ejected into the storage.

The slime farm occupies 4 chunks, and occupies the lowest subchunk of those 4. The reason for doing this is that it increases the rates of the farm in the version of Minecraft we use. Spawn attempts are only made in the subchunks that are below the topmost block. The number of spawn attempts do not scale with number of available subchunks. Therefore if there are fewer subchunks available for spawning, the spawn attempts are more concentrated so a higher chance a slime will spawn.

All the blocks above the farm were mined out by hand, and the water was drained manually.

Witch Farm

Image of a witch farm using sweeping flying machines to remove witches from spawning platforms

Click image for more pictures of the farm

The witch farm is a sweeper design. We came up with using sweepers for such a purpose before the blossoming of such technology after observers were added to the game. Our original version in a very old world used this design. Nowadays just use the standard observer flying machine as a sweeper.

Storage is up in the sky with the AFK spot, items are taken up there by dropping items in to a tube. Rates are rather good, from this single farm we get enough redstone dust and glowstone dust for our projects.

We use spectral arrows to at least use some of the glowstone dust up.